This is my home:


Here, let me take you on a tour.  I call this room the Office because it has a filing cabinet.  It’s the first room you come to after coming in from the enclosed porch.


This is the laundry room.  It is to the left of the office.  I have my offline desktop computer in there because it has the best electricity supply.  There’s a tiny lavatory with a toilet and little sink.


This is the dining room.  It’s where my internet laptop lives.  I do my cooking with a hotplate sitting on that metal topped table to the left.


This is the kitchen.  After entering through the office into the dining room, the kitchen is on the left.

Kitchen Fridge

This is the basement.  The stair to it is in the kitchen.  That’s a generator bicycle and wood stove you see.  There’s also a 3KW generator, an additional toilet, a couple of kerosene heaters and an electrically ignited side venting gas furnace.


This is the first floor as seen looking back from the stair up to the second floor.  At the far end you see what I call the Den.  I used to watch satellite TV there but got it turned off.  Did I mention that laptop connects to the internet by DSL?


Here’s the 2nd floor as seen from the top of the stair.  I call this first room the tool room because there are shelves of tools to the right outside the frame.  The sink shown doesn’t work because I broke the trap when I was winter proofing prior to my last deployment.  The first door to the left is the larder, the next is my bedroom, and across from it is the master bath.  The light shining in from the far end of the hall is from the master bedroom, which I use for storage.


Here’s the back yard as seen from the tool room.  After I built the new garage, I decided to keep the old one.  That’s my 400 dollar bicycle, which hasn’t been stolen despite being stored unlocked in the open like that.  Being a couple of blocks from the police station on a major street may have something to do with it.


This is the larder.  I have 12 shelves of food, each with enough food for a few weeks.  Every month I eat one shelf and replace it with new stuff.  In normal rotation I supplement with fresh food.  In an emergency I would supplement from the additional 50 pounds of rice and beans.  There’s also a stair up to the attic.


This is the attic.  It used to have two brick chimneys resting on shelves on the second floor.  I took them out and buried the bricks on my 45 acre farm.  I want to remove the insulation, deck over the rafters, and remove the cielings on the second floor (let them be the attic floor.  Next time I reroof I will get a whole new deck and metal, so I’ll add insulation on that side.  So I’ll do it in the spring of 2025 or something.


This is the room where I sleep.  It has a closet, those two chests, and a flat spring twin bed,.  I keep my clothes there and change there because it’s across from the bath.


This is the side yard photographed out from my bedroom.  I built that garage.  At least I framed and sheathed it.  I had the slab poured and the roof and siding were done by the same people that did my house.  That’s 2011 Ford Ranger down there at the bottom.  The asphalt path at the back is actually on the edge of my neighbor’s property, but I had it put in to make mowing easier.  You may be able to make out a chestnut tree I planted and a walnut tree that volunteered.


This is the bathroom.  It has a bathtub, a toilet and a sink.    When I took this picture I had just removed all the plumbing and tiled under it.  Yes, that fake parfait is mine.  It’s the self stick kind, but I’m using vinyl glue on it anyway because there’s no way I’m going to get the surface pristine..



This is a picture taken out the window from the Master Bedroom.  The cemetery across the street has people who were born in the 1700s.  I keep NPR playing on the radio all the time to keep them entertained.  Ghosts get mischievous when bored.  Loud vehicles pass by sometimes, but a lot of the time it is quiet.



But Seriously

This is a simple website for posting stuff I want to share.  It has individual tabs for different purposes.  I’m not using it as a blog, per se.  For that sort of thing see the Essays tab.

Things to Do

0.  Redo photos with smaller files.

1. The Auxlings need to be synched, a better program written to use pictures and stuff.

2. The revised Consequentialist Manifesto needs to be rechecked for spelling.  I typed it up from the last hard copy at full tilt.  Then it needs to be included for reference as a document and I need to explain the whole thing from scratch.

3. I’ve got more fiction ideas, need to find them and write them down.  Thought of one today: a society of immortals encounters mortality.  Future people have longevity technology and one day a virus destroys it and they have to face mortality.  Also need to actually convert them into fiction.

4.  Screenplay.  Finish princes.  Then do a less slavish version where Corwin confides his amnesia to Random earlier. Also take pictures of stuff that could be used for an amateur version shot with my 50 dollar Vivitar.  Need to go see that castle in the thousand islands.

5. Games.  Need to make them work or take them down.  Should redo Claim using Agen.  Should do a Cyvasse game using Agen.  Should write up, then make, that simplified solar system RTS I was thinking of.  Don’t need to make The Ultimate Everything Game right away.  Should write essay explaining why I like wargames but agree that war is bad.  See if Wells can help.  Should fit all the AGEN games into one metagame, since they share an engine.  Just has an intro screen that lets you choose which you want to play.  Only thing they have to share is “main.”

6. My World.  Get more photos of other places.  Maybe make lower resolution (they show at 33 percent on the screen if that tells you anything).  Write about more topics..

7. Autobiography.  More detail, more caution, more balance.


See, here’s the thing.  As I complete projects and choose to share them all together on one website (did I ever learn my lesson with eriduauxlang.org) people will come for one thing and possibly look at other things.  So, it has to be presentable.

PS.  Make sure all attached documents are in txt, not odt.  That way they can be seen directly and you come back to the site, instead of downloading and opening with a program.